Hey everyone! So a little bit ago I mad a post saying that when phil hit 2 million subscribers I would do a giveaway. Also, this is in honor of hitting 500 followers. Being true to my word, here goes!
Grand prize:
-Any 1 piece of youtube merch under $40 (if it’s a bit over with/tax/shipping all is okay, no worries!) -or, you could get two things, such as a $20 shirt and a wristband that add up to $40 max
Second place:
-A fanfic, drawing, or anything along those lines :)
-Mbf me as this is also for my amazing followers
-Reblog as many times as you want, each reblog counts
-I will be checking the blog, it can’t be a giveaway blog
-Likes do not count
This is open international. If you win grand prize you need to be okay with informing me of your address. (Really, don’t worry, I’m a 14 year old girl who sits in a corner and spends her life fangirling.) Also, you must have your ask box open! I can’t contact you if it is not.
The winner will be chosen randomly, and this ends December 23 (my birthday!) 
If you are wondering why it goes so late it is because I will have the money around that time as it will be my birthday/Christmas. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Full episodes of #HeyUSA is coming to a computer screen near you! October 15th on! 

Frédéric Ruyant

progress report: lisa refuses to play dodgeball because she is sad